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Computer Programming Foundations

Level: Ages 5-13
Estimated Duration: Full-year


Provider: DreamLink Learning

LMS: Launchpad

Mode: Online Teacher-supported

Learn By Doing

Can you speak computer? Instead of using words, computers talk in numbers and short commands. In this course, you’ll learn their language so you can bring interactive games, mazes, and digital art to life.

what you'll learn & create

  • Program with MIT’s Scratch software
  • Create spirograph drawings
  • Design animated greeting cards
  • Make a paint program
  • Build a racing game
  • Construct a maze adventure
  • Your own games, interactive art, and geometric drawings

system requirements

PC or Mac

Current Web Browser

Scratch account from MIT

Free Download included.

  Support From Expert Instructors

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course outline

Act Like a Computer

Starting With & Writing a Program in Scratch

Multiple Characters and Animation

Make Your Own Sprites & Make Them Work Together

User Events & Keeping Score with Variables

Big Project Techniques & Using Clones


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I liked learning to make a SCRATCH sprite draw different shapes. I liked learning how to clone a Sprite and I liked learning how to make a game.”

7 year old girl

This course led my son to learn about how to use Scratch and designing using this program as well. This has been a lot of fun, not only for him but myself as well. It has been not only educational, but fun as well. It will benefit him greatly in learning these technology courses as the future of technology continues to advance and be the future.”

Happy Parent

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