Frequently Asked Questions

Is Tech Trep Academy a Public Charter / District School or a Private School?

Tech Trep Academy acts as a bridge between school districts and families who want to educate at home.

Students throughout all of Arizona are invited to apply and receive FREE resources and support as they learn from home.

How much does the Tech Trep program cost?
An education through Tech Trep Academy is personalized and FREE. In addition, parents also receive access to a supplemental learning fund which can be used to select customized learning resources for their children.
What does the school calendar and daily schedule look like?

Students follow a traditional school year calendar. Parents do submit daily attendance by subject on a google form.  We understand that students are learning at home all day, every day.  Parents decide what they want their daily schedule to look like.  

Does my child's schooling need to be done on a computer if we are part of this program?

No, we believe parents should have the flexibility to choose the best format for their student’s learning. Some families prefer a technology-based curriculum while others want to do learning using textbooks. Others prefer hands-on activities and real-world learning and many choose a mix of all three. It is our goal to support parents as they choose the ways their student learns best. It is the parents who will decide how much time the student spends on the computer, if any.

Families in Tech Trep Academy are required to have access to a computer/tablet and internet to be able to fulfill the state testing requirements that are part of the program.

What curriculum is provided?

Provided Resources, Group Buys, and Direct Courses

We are excited to offer many resources at no-cost and many with group buy discounts


Provided Resources (No Cost)

BrainpopA collection of short videos and activities on a wide variety of topics

Brainpop Jr. Geared for students in grades K-3

Epic Ebook and Audiobook online library available during school hours. Class codes will be sent to you by your Homeroom Teacher in late August and early September.

Generation Genius Standards aligned video based science lessons for elementary students K-8. New math lessons and videos this year!

Khan Academy is a comprehensive math program with videos and exercises. Khan Academy also has some coding, science, and history classes. Class codes will be sent by homeroom teachers. 

Learn360 Teachers, students, and parents can access more than 164,000 media resources on any Internet-enabled device, anytime, anywhere, and engaging content landing pages make it easy to find the wealth of videos, interactives, 20,000 printable lessons, audio content, and maps and flags. 

Tangy Tuesday Math – Weekly math puzzles. Login information is available through InfoCenter.


Optional Homeroom Resources – (Fees deducted directly from student allotments)

We anticipate offering the following resources. Links are provided for additional information. The group buy fees associated with each resource can be found in InfoCenter. There may be changes as we work to add new resources and negotiate contracts with each company. If a resource does not have a minimum number of student requests, it will be canceled. Requests for resources are made within Infocenter. 

ABC Mouse – (up to 3 accounts per request)

Adventure Academy (up to 3 accounts per request)

Accelerated Readercomprehension tests on popular books, often used in public schools. Parents will be set up as teachers. 

Adobe Creative CloudAdobe Creative Cloud offers more than 20 industry-standard apps for design, photography, video, and web. As students develop in-demand digital skills with these tools, they also learn how to express their ideas in more visually compelling ways. So they can make the world take notice. Includes Photoshop, Illustrator, Adobe Premium Pro, and Acrobat.  Can be used on up to 3 devices. Regularly $19.99/month

ALEKSOnline math program for 3rd grade and up. Students can work through multiple grade levels in one year. This program is reading intensive.

Beast Academy Online A full online curriculum that helps young students master fundamental math concepts with interactive practice and challenges, as well as detailed progress reporting.

Centervention Social and Emotional Learning Games helps students practice and improve social and emotional skills. 

Code MonkeyKid-friendly coding program.

CTC Math Online math program for kindergarten through high school. This curriculum is taught by Australian math teacher Patrick Murray. It is a core math program and can also be used as a supplemental resource. 

Dave Ramsey Education – We are currently working with this company to offer Foundations of Entrepreneurship and Personal Finance. 

Dreambox Online math program with individualized lessons to keep students engaged. DreamBox dynamically adjusts to students’ actions, meeting them at the right level–with personalized instruction that promotes student decision-making and strategy development in real-time.

Dreamscape – Dreamscape from the creators of Squiggle Park is an engaging reading game for Grades 2-8. Combining strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun curriculum-aligned literacy game! – is a comprehensive library of K-8 resources for learning at home or in a classroom. There is something for everyone. With the school membership, parents have full access to everything has to offer including tracking your student’s progress, interactive games, lesson plans, and worksheets. It is a wonderful supplemental site for engaging your students. You can find a lesson and corresponding worksheet for every Power Learning Goal. 

Flocabulary – An online collection of standards-aligned hip-hop videos, covering over 600 topics in all K-12 subject areas. The hip-hop videos and instructional activities promote literacy, build vocabulary and spark creativity.

Headsprout / Raz kidsTwo programs in one. Headsprout is a phonics-based reading program, followed by reading comprehension lessons. Raz Kids is a leveled reader program where students listen to a story, read it, then answer comprehension questions about it. This program is great for 2nd and up, but can also be used by students as young as K. It requires more mouse control than reading eggs and moves faster. 

IXLOnline standards-based program covering grades Pre K to 12. Students answer questions on topics to show mastery. Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies. NEW ***This program now includes Spanish for all students!

Kids Discover OnlineLibrary of over 2,000 visually stunning science and social studies articles on any internet-enabled device.

KiwicoKiwiCo empowers kids to explore, create, and learn with hands-on kits delivered monthly to your home. Safety tested, research-backed, designed by experts, and Montessori inspired. This is for a 12-month subscription.

MathseedsOnline math program for students from K-3rd grade.

MathseedsOnline math program for students from K-3rd grade.

MiWrite Writing program for grades 3-12

Moby Max – English and Math standards-aligned curriculum for k-8. Designed to find and fix learning gaps, personalize and differentiate learning, and show student growth.

Mr D. Math ass levels start at Pre-Algebra. The company offers self-paced courses. They also offer live classes and tutoring at an additional cost of $29/month. Live classes fill up quickly and start in early August. Please reach out to [email protected] for more information and the school coupon code.

Mystery Science – Offering open-and-go lessons that inspire kids to love science. The hook, visuals, and activity have all been prepared for you. Mystery Science can only be purchased in one large order before September. Once this order is placed we are unable to add requests. You must have a current membership or have signed up for the free trial in order to link the new subscription. 

Nessy Reading and Spelling – Program for struggling readers, specifically created for students with dyslexia. This program tests to find gaps and then teaches those skills specifically. Please consider the free trial to see if this would be a good fit for your student.

NightzookeeperBy providing thousands of fun and engaging lessons, challenges, and games, Night Zookeeper helps children to learn new words, use them in sentences, and then create amazing pieces of writing that are shared with children from around the world. They receive feedback from our team of tutors as well as other children that highlight where they can improve. In-game awards and competitions keep them motivated to continue to learn and progress.

Prodigies MusicTeach your kids the fundamentals of music. More than 550 video lessons, sheet music, and lesson plans. Your student will learn pitch development through songs, games, and activities about the music notes. Lessons help build rhythmic development, listening, and aural comprehension skills and help students play their first instrument. (Deskbells, xylophone, piano, recorder, or Ukulele are not included in this membership and can be purchased separately). This membership is for the new Prodigies Academy school account launching on August 3rd. Geared toward K-3 grade.

Prodigy mathGame-based math practice. Content is the same as the free program, but students with the paid option can level up faster and access more game options. 

Quill Writing and grammar activities for elementary through high school. Quill will be included in TTA writing workshops.

Reading eggs/Eggspress This is a great phonics and reading program, especially for younger students. The Reading Eggspress program can be used by struggling readers up to about 5th grade. 

Reflex math / Frax Math

Reflex Math is an adaptive and individualized game-based program for mastering basic facts in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division for grades 2+ (per company recommendation). Full of games that students love, Reflex takes students at every level and helps them quickly gain math fact fluency and confidence. 

Frax Math is new this year. Frax stops the fractions struggle and puts students on a path to ongoing success in higher mathematics. Game-based and story-driven, the adaptive system meets students where they are and unlocks new games, challenges, and rewards for their efforts. Foundations I includes 27 story-driven missions. Each mission includes 3 to 4 activities, with 20–30 minutes of instruction per mission. It also contains student rewards (tokens, milestones, and customizable ship’s cabin).

Squiggle Park  Combining strategy, engagement, and imaginative reading passages to create a fun, curriculum-aligned literacy game!

ST MathA visual instruction math program good for students who struggle with reading. This program is currently being offered by the company for free through June 30, 2022. If you would like a family account for up to 10 students you can find more information HERE

Study Island Standards-aligned program that is great for showing mastery of power learning goals. Each standard has a lesson followed by a 10 question quiz for a student to show mastery. Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies.

Sumdog – Sumdog is a game-based practice program for Math and Language Arts skills. Students play against other students in a live format. Math content up to 8th grade. Spelling content up to 6th grade. LA content up to 5th grade.

Tales2Go – This is an online audiobook library with over 10,000 titles. Unlike Epic!, this can be used away from the internet if a book is started while on the internet. You do not have to be online the entire time. You will be given 2 licenses for each student you enroll. One license can be used on one device at a time. Tales2Go does not work on Kindle devices. 

Time/Edge An online news source that brings relevant current events and primary sources to students.  All of the content is written by the editors of TIME and TIME for Kids and geared specifically for middle school students.  Access the content online from any device.  From engaging nonfiction text and a 90-year archive of primary sources to formative assessments, TIME Edge has a lot to offer!

Typing Programs – Choice of Edutyping or Typing Club 

Touch-type, Read, and Spell – A highly accessible typing program that teaches spelling and reading. Suitable for students with dyslexia. The main course is modular in design and contains 24 levels with 31 modules in each level. A module typically takes a few minutes to complete. Student success is encouraged by immediate feedback and positive reinforcement. This feedback includes a score that is based on completion rates and accuracy, not speed or time taken. Learners can earn points toward trophies and certificates. This is a new resource this year. Please consider visiting the website and requesting a demo to see if it will be a good fit for your student.

The ULAT – Learn Spanish and French in this three-year language program based on the Natural Language Acquisition Sequence.  It imitates the natural means by which one learns one’s native language, first laying a strong oral foundation to ensure that students actually learn to speak their new language, before moving on to elementary reading and then finally to writing. This program is geared toward middle school and high school students. 

Vooks – Wonderful interactive video-books to encourage students to read. Words are highlighted as the book is read aloud so the student can follow along. Many of the stories are focused on character building and positive messages. There are great lesson plans and resources to accompany the books and enhance the reading experience. Geared towards K-3 but older kids would enjoy the stories as well.

Waterford Institute – Individualized Pre-K to 2nd-grade instruction. Personalized learning software adapts automatically to give each student a unique learning experience tailored to his or her own skill level and pace, making it ideal for all of your early learners. This program includes math, science, and reading. 

Writer’s Workshop

Writer’s Workshop is a weekly interactive virtual class led by Tech Trep teachers for grades 3-8. The workshop will be held weekly from September 20th to April 30th except for holiday breaks. Over the course of the school year students will:

  • Practice the main genres of writing from the state standards during weekly mini-lessons.
  • Use MIWrite (writing/editing program), ReadWorks (reading/writing comprehension program), and Fanschool (classroom blog) – all included in the cost of the class.
  • Receive weekly individualized feedback and support from a teacher (through one on one conferencing).
  • Have the opportunity to share and publish their writing with other Tech Trep students on a safe blog (Fanschool).
  • Prepare and feel more confident for the writing portion of the ISAT.
  • Have fun improving their writing skills as they share and interact with teachers and other students.

Tech Trep Academy Direct Tech/Entrepreneurship Courses 

The following additional direct courses will be available through schedule builder. Fees will be deducted from the student’s learning funds.

What happens if my preferred curriculum is not part of the provided free curriculum?
We believe parents should have the flexibility to choose the curriculum that fits their student best.  If you prefer something other than the curriculum provided, you can still receive this curriculum through a direct order or through reimbursement.

As Tech Trep is in partnership with the public education system, only secular materials are approved for reimbursement or direct orders.

Can I select religious-based curriculum as part of my approved program?
Parents are free to supplement their child’s education with religious materials using their own private funds. As this program is in partnership with the public education system, only secular materials are approved for reimbursement or direct orders.
What if I need help choosing a curriculum that is best for my child?

We would love to help!  We have several curriculum specialists who meet with parents to help them navigate through the curriculum options.  They are both seasoned educating-at-home moms and certified teachers.

What is the supplemental learning fund?

Each student in grades 1st through 8th will receive $1700 in supplemental learning funds each year. ($850/1st semester and $850/2nd semester). Kindergarteners receive half that amount each year ($850).

These funds can be used to supplement the free resources that are already provided.  Educational items such as curriculum,  online subscriptions, computers/tablets, internet fees, extracurricular classes, tutoring, museum passes, tech items and so many more things can be purchased with the supplemental learning funds.  Parents get access to these funds through direct purchases and/or reimbursements.

Do we get to keep the learning resources we receive through the supplemental learning fund?

Yes, as long as you meet all program requirements for the year and do not withdraw, the learning resources are yours to keep. Program requirements include state testing, bi-weekly reporting, and weekly attendance check-ins.  If a family does choose to withdraw from the program before the end of the school year, or does not meet program requirements, all materials, curriculum, and technology may need to be returned (and all reimbursements repaid). A prorated amount of funds may be determined at the funding department’s discretion. 

How do I access the supplemental learning fund?

Each child is wonderfully unique and with the supplemental learning funds parents can choose the resources that will benefit their child the most. Students in grades 1-8 have access to $3400 in their supplemental learning fund, kindergarteners have $2050. Those amounts are split up by quarter throughout the school year.($850/quarter available to grades 1-8, $512.50/quarter available for kindergarteners)

Supplemental Learning funds can be accessed in multiple ways:

Direct Tech Trep Courses – Tech electives, virtual clubs, online teacher-led courses, and the virtual Bridge program all have fees associated with them. When parents sign-up their students for these resources the fees will be deducted from the students’ supplemental learning fund.

Optional Homeroom Resources – Parents will find a list of optional homeroom resources at greatly discounted group-buy prices in InfoCenter once enrolled. Through InfoCenter these resources can be requested at greatly discounted rates. The purchase price will be deducted from the student’s 2nd-semester supplemental learning fund.

Reimbursements – Beginning in May, of the upcoming school year, parents can begin purchasing learning resources and classes. Receipts can be submitted for reimbursement at the appropriate time. Reimbursements for 1st-semester begin in September and reimbursements for 2nd-semester, in February. All reimbursements must be requested by April 30th of the current school year.

Direct Order – Tech Trep Academy can purchase your approved supplemental learning resources from either and/or Rainbow Resource and have the items shipped to you directly, bypassing the reimbursement process. This service is FREE.

Close to the beginning of the school year, usually in July or August, direct orders will become available. Parents can create a wishlist on or and then set up an appointment with the direct ordering team to have the school purchase learning resources. Direct orders can be placed all year long, until the end of March.

Parents can find additional information about the supplemental learning fund, how to access direct ordering, and a list of items that are NOT approved for reimbursement in the InfoCenter Parent Link after they are enrolled in Tech Trep.

NOTE: Families are welcome to purchase one device per student every three years. This includes a desktop computer, laptop, chromebooks, or iPad/tablet. If an extra device is desired, such as a device that is mobile and can be accessed while traveling on top of one that stays at home, exceptions can be made. Exceptions can also be made if the device become non-functional for any reason.

What subjects or classes are required?

Students in grades K-8 will have the four core classes:  Math, Language Arts, Science, Social Studies as well as two electives.  The electives can be PE, fine arts, foreign language, technology, or anything the student is interested in. 

How often do students/parents turn in student work?

Families turn in student learning assessments every two weeks for the four core classes. There are also work samples/reporting on electives twice a year. Submissions consist of a learning sample which can be in the form of a worksheet, test, paper, picture of a project, or video of your student explaining what they have learned. Our goal is to keep reporting very simple and easy!

Are students required to participate in state testing?

Yes.  All students are required to participate in state tests. 

Do you offer field trips?

Yes!  We offer FREE field trips EVERY month!  These activities are free for our students and at least one parent.  Most of the time, additional siblings or parents can attend at a discounted rate.  These field trips are such a fun benefit of our program! We provide many activity opportunities throughout the year.  Field trips included outdoor activities, educational opportunities, and fun entertainment for the family.

Tech Trep Academy also offers virtual field trips. This year a few of the events our families have enjoyed include attending online book clubs and tea parties, viewing exotic reptiles, learning about severe weather and the constitution, meeting authors, touring a TV station, and enjoying a virtual tour of Jamestown!

What courses or clubs are offered as electives?

There are SO MANY fun ways to fill elective requirements. Families are welcome to create their own custom elective plan – gathering their own resources using the supplemental learning fund.

Tech Trep Academy offers virtual teacher-led clubs that students can participate in. There are also many virtual tech elective classes offered through Tech Trep Academy. Fees for virtual clubs and Tech electives can come from the student’s supplemental learning fund.

Tech Trep Academy virtual clubs provide opportunities for youth to participate in activities, interact with peers in a positive and supervised setting, as well as pursue interests and develop skills. Many students fulfill elective requirements while participating in these virtual clubs.

More information on Virtual Clubs

View the many fun Tech Electives offered through Tech Trep Academy.


Do you offer teacher-led courses or classes?

Yes, absolutely! Many parents prefer that some subjects be taught to their student by a certified teacher.

Virtual teacher-led classes are part of the optional resources parents have access to for their students. There are classes offered in science and social studies for many grades. Some courses are free while others include a minimal fee which can come from the student’s supplemental learning fund.

Many families also enjoy the virtual clubs which are teacher-led and cover a wide variety of interests.

More information on Virtual Clubs


Does every student need to take a Tech or Entrepreneurship course?

No. Our goal is to help students gain valuable skills to be successful in college, career, and life, while encouraging them to pursue their interests. When selecting electives students may choose one of the courses we offer or they may pursue some other skill they are interested in!  The sky’s the limit!

Families are welcome to create their own custom elective course designed specifically for their student.

View a List of Virtual Clubs which many students use as electives – effective as of January 2021.

See the many fun Tech Electives offered through Tech Trep Academy.

Is the recommended age for the Tech courses flexible?
Yes – absolutely.  We believe the parent knows their child best and can decide if he/she would be able to handle a course that may be designed for older students.
Which Minecraft course would be best for my child?
The Minecraft STEAM course is broad and touches on Art, Engineering, Entrepreneurship, Math, Language Art / Social Studies concepts.  The course can be applied at multiple levels, depending of the skill level of the student.  Since it is very open, it allows students to do projects at their own level.  Experienced Minecraft players may know some of the Minecraft techniques already (how to make a character skin and how to use redstone), but will discover new concepts  such as basic art techniques, making scale models, and learning about circuitry with redstone.

The Minecraft Modding with Java course is fairly technical and focuses exclusively on creating and adding custom modifications to Minecraft using Java. The course is appropriate for any student 11+ that has a basic foundational grasp of coding and is comfortable with a little bit of troubleshooting.

Can parents or schools purchase individual tech and entrepreneurship courses?
Yes!  Visit, and private pay parents and schools can purchase individual courses for students. Note:  Several partner schools and programs across the country are pre-approved to purchase via Tech Trep.
If / when my child is accepted, will I receive additional information?

Yes!  Once accepted into the program, parents will have access to Parent Link, a secure site with extensive details regarding all aspects of our personalized education program. 

Can my child enter kindergarten early?

Children who are 5 by August 31st are old enough to enter kindergarten. Children who will turn 5 between September 1st and December 31st may be screened to enter kindergarten early. Access the early screening form at: – go to the “Learning Paths” tab, then select “Early Entrance Kindergarten Readiness Screening”, and look for the link to the form. An AZDL staff member completes all entry kinder screening. All evaluation determinations are final.

What is the enrollment process?
  • Submit a TTA application for each child by clicking the “Apply Now” button. An email will be sent with additional information on setting up your InfoCenter and Parent Link accounts.
  • Submit the enrollment packet for Sequoia Choice – Arizona Distance Learning (SCAZDL) on their website. Questions about Sequoia Choice enrollment can be directed to (480) 461-3222.
  • After the Sequoia Choice packet is approved, you will receive a confirmation email letting you know your student is fully enrolled.
  • You will be able to access Parent Link and Announcements in InfoCenter for additional information on the program.
  • If you have questions about the process, please reach out to [email protected] for help and support in enrollment.
Can I read about other people's experience in the program?
Absolutely! Go the parent testimonials to read what other families have experienced while enrolled in Tech Trep Academy.
I have additional questions. How do I get more answers?

Contact Us with your questions. We look forward to speaking with you!

How did the Tech Trep Academy program begin?

In 2008, a full-time public school program called My Tech High was created to provide students in Utah with a personalized education experience focused on technology and entrepreneurship.  Interest in the Utah program has continued to grow each year with thousands of students now participating.

Tech Trep Academy (‘trep’ is short for entrepreneur) started in 2015 to help part-time students outside of Utah to access the amazing technology and entrepreneurship curriculum.

Beginning in February 2017, a full-time Tech Trep Academy program became available in Idaho for students in grades K–8! As of fall 2022, Tech Trep Academy has also added programs for Arizona, Indiana, Tennessee, Wyoming, and North Dakota.