I have always [home educated] my children independently, but after joining Tech Trep this year, I was blown away by what a wonderful support it is to our family. I no longer feel like I’m doing the job of educating my children all on my own.

We were able to benefit from many resources that I never even knew about, such as Generation Genius and ALEKS math. My daughter disliked math prior to ALEKS, and now she’s not only succeeding at math, she’s enjoying it! Thank you for all your hard work in making this a wonderful program!

I feel like I am more informed on how well the kids are learning. My son is remembering what he is reading and my daughter is doing great with multiplication.

After the virtual learning fiasco of spring 2020, my daughter (Kinder) had lost all confidence in her reading skills. I knew we needed to be proactive in creating a love of reading and decided to [educate at home]  for 1st grade. Tech Trep has made the experience so much better than I ever thought it could have been.

Our home room teacher has been there to answer all my questions and talk me through problems and provide resources. We found a reading curriculum that we love and my daughter is excited about reading now. [Home educating] was supposed to be a temporary experience but we’re seriously considering making it the norm. Thank you Tech Trep.

I have gone from having a daughter that HATES school, and feeling powerless to help her, to having a say in what my daughter learns, helping her pursue her passions, and actually spending time with my children and growing together. Thank you!💗😊

I love LOVE the flexibility that Tech Trep gives us to learn how we want to learn and at a pace that is healthy for our family. There are times when a topic doesn’t make sense for our first grader, and it is incredible to be able to set it aside for a time, move on to other things, and come back later with a different approach or resources so she can understand. It makes it possible for education to be joyful and exciting rather than so stressful.

It is also so important to me to be able to educate in many areas, not just math, reading, science, etc. Our girl is learning so many life skills and exploring interests with the resources we have. We get to educate the whole child, not just learn the basic subjects, and we get to have a blast doing it. Seriously so grateful for Tech Trep!

I love it when kids take the front seat in their learning process. When my son finished the first two books in The Indian in the Cupboard series, he decided he wanted to make a longhouse for the Iroquois Indians, with a garden, a pond for fishing, and a fire for roasting. He got really into the book, wanting to learn as much as he could about the Iroquois tribe and the Wampanoag Indian tribe. He is also talking like Little Bear from the book!

Learning is so much more exciting for him when it is something that he’s interested in. We love the flexibility that Tech Trep provides that allow us to dive deep into learning, no matter what it looks like.

My son is on an IEP in all subjects. With the one-on-one time I am able to spend with him, he has become more proficient in reading and math. He is still behind but he is making SO much progress that he wouldn’t be doing in a traditional school setting.

We love the freedom Tech Trep Academy has given our family for learning. We have a child with ADHD and constantly had schools pushing for medication. He did not thrive in a typical brick and mortar classroom. We chose [home educating] but were limited with our resources.

Tech Trep has not only given us resources online but funds to make our [home education] really beneficial for our kids. Our child is now excelling in all subjects and enjoying school again. Thank you Tech Trep Academy!

My daughter is in Kindergarten, I was worried that I wasn’t going to be able to teach her what she needs to know. With all the resources and the amazing teacher she has received this year she is right on track and is learning at an amazing pace!

We were struggling with getting our 8th grader to slow down and do his math assignments correctly. Our homeroom teacher backed us up as parents. Together as a team we were able to get him to realize the importance of what he is doing. I don’t know if my husband and I would have been able to get through to him as quickly as an outside person was – the extra support was exactly what our family needed.

My son is just way happier than when he was in [traditional public] school. He’s thriving with being able to make his own learning choices and trying cool new things like 3D printing.

Schooling at home through Tech Trep has been a great experience for my son. It allows for the flexibility to meet my son’s individual needs (challenging him when needed and remediation in other areas) and it allows him to explore his creative side as well.

My son has been more engaged and willing to read books with the variety offered in Epic. He also enjoys the challenge and self paced nature of Moby Max. We use this in conjunction with other resources for most subject areas, but the math is his favorite.

My first grader loves to read now. None of my three children dread school anymore.

It has been an amazing experience to watch my son excel in the areas that he really enjoys and having the opportunity to research those areas more than you normally would while attending school in person.

It has also been nice to have the time to focus in on areas that he struggles with as well, and not feel rushed to move on until he’s ready. My son doesn’t like to write, but has improved already with the extra time we’ve had to spend on the process and I appreciate that!

My daughter is excelling at a pace that in-person classrooms just wouldn’t support. We love that she also has access to virtual sessions with peers via Homeroom teacher sessions and the science/SS classes. These are the highlights of her week.

My son has loved being able to do a LEGO class every week. It’s a highlight for him and would not happen in [traditional] public school.

As a parent, being able to be a part of those “ah ha” moments has been wonderful. Seeing how much he has progressed even in a few months is exciting. Watching him set goals for himself and overcome fears has been so good in a season with so much uncertainty. 

My kids love Tech Trep. They tell people how much more they enjoy school with the flexibility to learn how they want and not have to be stuck in a box.

My daughter started Kindergarten this year, I was very nervous about the responsibility of starting a good strong academic journey for her. But I had zero experience teaching and English is my second language so I was super nervous. But with the Tech Trep Academy resources, she is reading so well, loving doing school, learning science, social studies and math and she is really getting so much ahead. I am so happy.

With my 3rd grader we are able to fix/catch the things that have been missed in [traditional] public school mainly having the one on one time. 

My 7 year old has struggled with reading and started the year below his grade level. Tech Trep has provided wonderful resources that I wasn’t aware of at his previous school. I’m excited to say he’s improved so much in just a few months and is almost at grade level. His teacher has scheduled meetings with me to provide additional resources and advice and meets with him weekly on Zoom for fun reading lessons and games. Before reading was a struggle and ended with him in tears from becoming overwhelmed, now he is exploding with confidence and excited to read.

Learning new ways to teach and how each child learns in a different way has been amazing, Grateful to be able to enable my children to learn in their own way!

My fourth grader primarily listened to books and now we can’t get him to stop reading.

My sixth grader is almost finished with 7th curriculum and is so excited about Math Counts.

All of my kids are thrilled to share their art in the art showcase field trip.

After watching Jason and the insects, the kids covered our yard in bug traps. None of them will kill a spider anymore.

Reflex has changed how our kids do math. Even our toddler adds now.

They built a beehive fort after the bee field trip. We love being part of Tech Trep. 

My daughter was behind in math and reading leaving 1st grade and by half the semester in Tech Trep she is up to 2nd grade reading level and getting much better at math. She actually enjoys math and reading now.

My son is extremely social and full of energy. I was concerned that his personality and mine would conflict with [educating at home]. Tech Trep has provided in-person and virtual social opportunities that have helped meet his need to interact.

Tech Trep has opened many resources to me that have covered any gaps I feared we would encounter without being a trained teacher. Our virtual classes have provided extended resources so any topic my child finds inspiring, we can continue to delve into. Those topics that are of little interest to my child are easier to tackle with the multitude of choices on how to learn these things. It is wonderful to be able to ensure my child is learning all things he would in a [traditional] public school setting, and to be able to tailor it to my child.

In [traditional] public school (due to his social nature and extreme energy) he was always “in trouble”. He had to sit separate from peers to avoid engaging in conversations. He often had to miss parties, recess, and events because he was so wiggly he was distracting to the teacher and as a consequence they would take away his proper moments to release the energy. Tech Trep has given me the opportunity to embrace his strengths and avoid (in my opinion) inappropriate consequences that the [traditional] public schools implement.

My son has ADHD and this has been an amazing opportunity for me to provide him an education in the best way possible. We are able to do one-on-one as needed, able to do as many hands-on activities and teaching methods as needed, and pace ourselves according to the quality of his focus on any given day rather than being held to traditional schooling methods and timelines.

I would recommend Tech Trep to anyone considering [educating at home], it has been a phenomenal experience!